You know that moment when you know- as you are making the decision- this one will affect the REST. OF. OUR. LIVES. We’re in one of those. I’ve been chasing the dream for a year now. Trying to provide for the family I so love. Trying to get us ahead of the game. However- all I’ve succeeded at is more turmoil and unrest. So now it’s time to take stock and disengage. I’m here to pledge to the world- but more importantly- my family- mommy is done trying to define herself outside the home.
To my four littles- God has given me one job in this life- to raise you up in his image. I’ve not been great at that- in fact the last year I have STUNK at it. I am going to be better at my God given position in life.
To my sweet hubs- I have stepped on your toes on so many occasions this past year. I have not listened to your concerns, I have put my agenda above yours. I have not trusted you and have not respected your place as the spiritual leader of our home. I am sorry. I will honor and obey you- submit to your authority. Most of all I will be more approachable and seek your council more appropriately.
To my God- I will listen closer to what you are saying to me. I will seek you out in your Word, and in Prayer. I will cleave to the position in life you have given me- and seek joy and fulfillment in purely that place in the home and in the world.
Lastly to the others in my life. I have been stingy this year. I haven’t been available to you all. I haven’t been able to serve as I’m used to doing. I have been busy, flaky, moody, just a general bore. That changes today.
My prayer today is that my heart will be ready to accept where God wants to put me. I’m torn down to the quick and this is where I will stay- silent and peaceful til God shows me where he needs me.
Love to you all!


An Exchange Between Husband and Wife

You should know that McD is somewhat of a jokester.

You should also know that I am somewhat gullible.

This evening, we were in the kitchen, as we are oft times.  Chatting, laughing, prepping dinner together.  McD mentioned he hoped the water would heat in time as he was adding cold water to a stock pot.  My solution was to start with hot water (duh).  To which McD launches into a dissertation about hot water and cooking and lead in the pipes.

At this point you should know our house is fairly new, and this is the FIRST time I’m hearing this new informational theory.  I’m listening to him, amused because surely this is a line of BS right?  After a minute I can stand it no longer.

“Babe, by that theory, we should be boiling all water because we use hot water to wash the dishes that we eat off of” I say

“I saw it on TV.  The hot water draws the lead out of the pipes”

“Really…..” I say with a smirk

“YES” McD answers incredulously

We volley back and forth with similar pokes and prods when McD leaves the kitchen with the remark…”you’re hurting my feel bads”  which just makes me laugh even harder.  (God, am I really that heartless??)  So now it’s really on.  I’ve caught him playing a joke and I’m not gonna play the fool this time.  I’ve seen through his little practical joke!  Maybe I’m not as blonde as I thought.  Maybe I’m growing up, maturing, losing some of my gullible-ness.  I am having a hey-day as I continue to poke and prod. Yelling snide remarks from my bunker in the kitchen.

After a while of no return remarks, I grow tired and continue about my work when my sweet husband comes in, kisses my forehead, and says a little too sweetly…”check your email.”

Hot Water and Cooking

Lead, the nasty neurotoxin that can cause a range of health effects, from behavioral problems and learning disabilities to seizures and death, has a way of sneaking into our homes; it’s been found in our kids’ toyspaint , and even glassware. And, if you aren’t careful, it can be in your water, too.

Though it’s not usually found in source water, it can get in to the wet stuff coming out the tap through your plumbing, which slowly corrodes over time. Homes built before 1986 are more likely to have lead pipes and fixtures, and even legally “lead-free” plumbing may contain up to 8 percent lead. Plus, it can add up: A study published in The Journal of Environmental Health in 2002 found that 14 percent to 20 percent of total lead exposure comes from tap water. To avoid downing a dose of lead with your next glass of water, theU.S. Environmental Protection Agency advises to only use cold tap water for consumption (drinking and cooking), especially when doing things for your little ones, like mixing baby formula. Youngsters aged 6 years and under are most at risk, because their bodies are growing quickly.

Hot water is more corrosive, drawing more of the nasties out (something we saw recently on TreeHugger in relation to bisphenol A, another nasty chemical), so using cold water-and flushing out your pipes until the water runs as cold as it’ll go when it’s been sitting for awhile-helps minimize the risk. Regularly testing your water will help ensure that your water is safe to drink, and give you peace of mind, too.

 The original post is here.

So now, I’m here having to eat a big fat piece of humble pie and publicly apologize to my dear sweet husband….for all to witness….so here goes…  ooop looks like I have a phone call…apologies will have to wait for another day hee hee!!!

Until next brag…..

Book Recommendation and a Name Change

I’ll admit…the first bit of real Christmas Shopping I’ve done this year was Sunday with DH.  I’m the girl that stays up all  night and does Black Friday because it’s fun.  I’ll admit I didn’t even look at the ads this year.  There was just nothing that really stood out to me this year.  Perhaps it’s because I really tried to be resourceful this year.  Or maybe it was because there was just nothing that great.  Whatever the case…we went out on Sunday.

We headed to Target for stocking stuffers and other random items.  I usually like to get the kids each a book and then a Christmas book for the family to read on the 24th.  AS I’m perusing the books, I stumble across this:

I had to screenshot it b/c Amazon wouldn’t let me copy paste.  But anyway the book is called If I Could Keep You Little.  Sniffle sniffle BBBBBAAAAAWWWWWLLLLLL right there in the middle of Target.  DH is staring at me in unadultured horror mixed with a wee bit of pity and a shot of amusement. “WE HAVE TO GET THIS BOOK FOR GOLDEN BOY.”  I whisper as I’m trying to compose myself lest the lady next to me burst into a fit of giggles.
Its a book about the age old wish all parents have when their kids are being angels; I wish I could just keep you little.  But then it says all the things we would miss if our wish was granted.
ie… “If I could keep you little, I’d keep you close to me but then I’d miss you growing into who you were meant to be.”
Are your eyes moist yet?
Needless to say this treasure is under the tree to be opened Christmas morning by my darling little Golden Boy.  aka Ocean.
On another note….
I was reviewing my posts the other day.  Everybody has a nickname.  EVERYONE.  Everyone, that is except my husband.  Now, I’m sure he doesn’t even think about it, but I do.  It’s like when someone names their dog DOG or cat CAT.  It’s like the child in the family that doesn’t get a middle name when everyone else has one….you always wonder why you weren’t important enough to elicit two names.  Which is a whole other therapy session.  But anyway….poor DH has never been anything on here but DH.  so I decided to rename him:  from here on out DH will be known as…drum roll please….McDaddy!!  (not to be confused with Mack Daddy giggle giggle)
So there you have it…new reads to cry at and new names to laugh at!
Have a great day!
Until next brag…

Out of the mouths of babes

You know those moments you know you need to record…lest you forget?

I have millions of them…and Hurricane is five.  So I’ve missed many opportunities along the way.  Anyway, I had to share…

Hurricane has this new thing lately…he will say to Tornado, but Tornado I care about you.  I don’t know where it came from; and at first I was sure he was being naughty with his twist on words.  So I asked him tonight about it.  No, it is genuine.  My heart soars to hear him say it!  They can be worst of enemies and best of friends.  Hopefully they will remember that always!

The newest is this…tonight, on the way home from Bboys, Hurricane says; Ive been thinking mom.  I don’t really like Hurricane.  He doesn’t usually refer to himself in third person, so I had to dig a little.  Come to find out he means he doesn’t like his name.  I giggle.

“Ok, so if you don’t like that name, what name would you like?” says a giggly me.

“Ummmmmm, I was thinking Sharkboy would be a good name” deadpan serious Hurricane replies.

Me in a fit of giggles…”ok, Sharkboy.  I guess we can call you Sharkboy from now on.”

I haven’t in a while, but I think I will pull out an Adam Sandler classic “Big Daddy” and watch it tonight.  And while I watch I think I will do this little project….that way I won’t miss anymore of these little moments!!

It’s a little table top calendar…you don’t have to jot down every day but how accessible when you have a good memory to keep!

Idea found on Pinterest…click here for the full post and instructions!

A lesson in life from a gym rat

I probably should clear a few things up before I relay this story. First is… I’m somewhat of a gym rat. Next to home, it’s the place I “check in” to the most on Facebook. Secondly, I’m no stranger to floor work, namely in the abs area. I should have a core like Cameron Diaz as much time as I spend on the floor doing abs. Lastly, I Zumba so often i should certify so I can make the money not give it. I think that’s enough foreshadowing. I have a story for you.
I went to the gym Monday evening. We had a little time prior to class so my Best M and I decided to do a little floor work. Out came the balls and mats and medicine balls and we set to work. Like most moms I know; my target area is ALWAYS the dreaded pooch. I got on the ball in push-up position with the ball at my ankles and I proceeded to pull my legs up into kneeling position….20 times. I was feeling cool cuz MBM wasn’t attempting that little stunt and I was fine. We did some other work then headed into Zumba. It was a good work out/ much needed attitude adjustment. Fast forward twenty two hours, six minutes and eighteen seconds later… It hit. With a gusto my AB work H I T me…in the middle of Justice For Girls. I was on the floor curled in fetal position moaning incoherent strings of pleas to make it go away. I managed to get back home and toss back a few (12) Advil and then I tried to sit down and let the drugs kick in. It was the most excruciating episode of Wizards of Waverly Place… Ever. And that’s one of the more tolerable Disney shows.
We walked over to Rain’s soccer game three blocks away. It took me 20 minutes. The lady walking around trying to induce her labor lapped me thats how slow I was going. I made it to the park and I couldn’t stand upright, I looked less like Mom at the Soccer Game more like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. And I was anti social. And cold cuz apparently mid October at 6 pm in Utah is not exactly t-shirt weather. So each shiver induced more pain. That was the longest 45 minutes of my life and I’ve birthed three large babies NATURALLY.
By half time my overdose of Advil had kicked in and I was yelling TWICE as loud and TWICE as often to make up for my horrible first half. Oh and sprinting from the playground to the field just because I could.
So what I learned is this, my abs and consequently my stretch marks are gifts of life. I sacrificed my body to nurture life for another being. I was Christlike in my selfless sacrifice. So the next time I try to erase the reminders of what I can do when I don’t put myself first, I’ll put the medicine ball away and hug one of my kiddos instead. From now on the most intense AB workout I will be doing is when I’m sucking in my belly as I order three pieces of Chocolate Truffle Decadence to-go from the Cheesecake Factory.
Until next life lesson…..

A shout out to Apple

I have a MacBook.
I’m kind of a snob about it. Kind of like I’m a snob about my coffee, my chocolate and my food. As my DH will tell you, I appreciate the “finer” things in life,as is evidenced by their pricetags.

The problem with wanting to partake in the “finer” things on a Dave- Ramsey- single-income-family-budget is that I find the constant need to justify my expenditures, therein my expensive taste.  This weekend has been a testimony to my “right” decision.

We’ve established I have a MacBook…and an iPhone…and an iPod touch.  DH owns an iPhone, iPod, iPad.  Guess it’s safe to say we are steeped in the apple flavored kool-aid.

I purchased my MacBook from my dad…how I came into it is another post.  Suffice it to say I paid a FRACTION of the price new.  I’m a sucker for a deal, so this was equivalent to the angels descending upon me with heavenly voices and ethereal sounds of harps.  I have loved my Mac but recently have been disappointed.  Things had slowed down significantly, and I was having internet issues.  Then the battery died….leaving me chained to the wall.  Like watching the aging of a family pet, eventually it becomes a reality that you will need to put the beloved pet down for the humanity of the fur baby and your sanity it’s the humane thing to do.  I was trying to come to grips with that feeling with my Mac.   As a last ditch attempt we took my tech-baby into the Apple store.  (I’ll admit here,  that this was for selfish reasons too, I was certain I could speak to my DH’s tech saviness enough to pull a new laptop out of the visit).  Three days and three visits later I have a renewed happy Mac.

Turns out I had about ZILCHO RAM.  After that small tweak, I have my lightning fast Mac back.  But while tech-baby was in the “hospital” they replaced my cover, keyboard housing and trackpad (covered under extended warranty) updated a bunch of stuff, cleaned out my cache, and showed me some tricks next time something like this happens.  Ask me how much they charged me???  ZILCHO!  Kinda like the amount of RAM I had.

They troubleshot it, fixed it, updated it, and did it all out of the kindness of their hearts.  Then referred me elsewhere to pic up my RAM sticks just incase I needed instant gratification of lightning fast speeds (I did).  They didnt make a penny from me this weekend, but they did make a customer for life.  It is the customer service.  It is doing whats right.  It’s taking the time to deal with this blonde sometimes clueless chick, her three crazy children…three times in a 72 hour period, and not batting an eye.

I’m still chained to the wall…But it’s not Apples fault.  The battery is only supposed to have a 300 charge life…mine charged 598 times.  Another testament to the stellar product,no?  Secretly I’m hoping to find a Mac battery at a yardsale but because you and I both know THAT won’t happen I’ll eventually have to break down and get a new battery.  As for now, I’ll be making love to the wall…but I’ll be doing it at lightning fast speeds.

This is Mac.  I will spend the money up front to guarantee the the continuation of the service I’ve received up to this point.

As we deal with the ending of an era with Mr Jobs handing over the reigns of his empire and subsequently his passing this evening (this post was in process before the sad news) I am afraid most of all that Apple will lose sight of his vision.  This is my shout out to Apple….don’t CHANGE !!! You are PERFECT just the way you are.

Cue the Christina Aguilara “You are beautiful”

Until next brag…..