You know that moment when you know- as you are making the decision- this one will affect the REST. OF. OUR. LIVES. We’re in one of those. I’ve been chasing the dream for a year now. Trying to provide for the family I so love. Trying to get us ahead of the game. However- all I’ve succeeded at is more turmoil and unrest. So now it’s time to take stock and disengage. I’m here to pledge to the world- but more importantly- my family- mommy is done trying to define herself outside the home.
To my four littles- God has given me one job in this life- to raise you up in his image. I’ve not been great at that- in fact the last year I have STUNK at it. I am going to be better at my God given position in life.
To my sweet hubs- I have stepped on your toes on so many occasions this past year. I have not listened to your concerns, I have put my agenda above yours. I have not trusted you and have not respected your place as the spiritual leader of our home. I am sorry. I will honor and obey you- submit to your authority. Most of all I will be more approachable and seek your council more appropriately.
To my God- I will listen closer to what you are saying to me. I will seek you out in your Word, and in Prayer. I will cleave to the position in life you have given me- and seek joy and fulfillment in purely that place in the home and in the world.
Lastly to the others in my life. I have been stingy this year. I haven’t been available to you all. I haven’t been able to serve as I’m used to doing. I have been busy, flaky, moody, just a general bore. That changes today.
My prayer today is that my heart will be ready to accept where God wants to put me. I’m torn down to the quick and this is where I will stay- silent and peaceful til God shows me where he needs me.
Love to you all!


New Year Strategy to WINS

Once upon a time, my New Years Resolutions were outlandish, fantastical dreams….Lose 60 lbs, triple my income, model on the cover of Playboy…okay not really that last one, but you get the idea.  More recently my NYR’s were as simple as: get into my pre-preggers jeans, or get a full nights rest.  The problem with “resolutions” are by February I’ve grown bored of the perfection these resolutions would bring, oh and I am ADD most of the time…SQUIRREL (name that movie hee hee).  Last year I only set one resolution, and I didn’t set it until I had gone through a life training conference at the end of January.  My one resolution was to “stick with something and see it through”.  I’m ok at a lot of things but I’m not great at anything.  Because I spend so much time trying to be ok at everything.  In February I decided I was going to make 20 dozen chocolate truffles and sell them in time for Valentines Day.  That adventure has taken me in a crazy direction and what started out as me relying heavily on a chocolate diet as I learned my technique ended the year with me back on my computer: designing, editing pics and blogging.  But this time for profit.  What I realized is that by taking one really good resolution and working it all through the year brought me what I most wanted out of all those years of broken resolutions…success.

So this year I put together a strategy to WIN another year:

Work on



My WIN this year is simply to declutter.  Declutter my life, my hobbies, my house.  I, of course will be chronicling my journey here so stay tuned!

What do you hope to accomplish this year?

until next brag…