I’m a fan of reflagging- especially when the words intricately extract your thoughts and enunciate them in a way you could never have dreamed. For this reason, I am sharing a post I happened across on a dear friends blog. I hope you enjoy!
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This article is great and something we all can take to heart in some way or another. The one question I have is; what if you’re childhood was good, and what if you grow into being a parent blamer after you’ve reached adulthood over some stupid issue, or disgruntlement that (for whatever reason) you won’t bother to discuss with your parents? If you know someone who falls into that category – and there are more than a few – then this article is for them too!

Please note that this isn’t an article to be directed to the more severely abused children. I have no tolerance for that type of behavior and in a perfect world – parent’s like that should have never been granted the privilege of being a parent.

No – this article is for adults who refuse to grow up and take ANY responsibility for why their…

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Funny how God provides what you need when you need. This post was sitting in my inbox this morning and it’s JUST what I needed to hear.