My Own Twist on Veganish Mac and Cheese

McD is gone.  Not McDonalds…unfortunately.  McDaddy.  That means we’re on a kid friendly diet.  I know I know, I try to mix it up a bit but I might have to admit here that sometimes its easier just to NOT have that fight.

Anyway, one of my pre-veg favorites was Meatloaf and Mac and Cheese.  The combo stems from preggers days.  I really wanted meatloaf AND mac n cheese so I just put it on the menu and McD knew enough to keep his opinions to himself (it wasn’t ice cream and pickles for hells sake!) The result was a family favorite.

Since going veg, this is one meal that has STUMPED me.  Lets face it, meatloaf without the meat doesn’t translate well…kinda like the mac and cheese isn’t the same with out the cheese…until tonight.  Even my critic of an 11 year old gobbled it up and asked for seconds….and thirds….and some for lunch tomorrow.  Yay!  Success!

So, let me share the recipe with you all!

You Need:

1 lb dried elbow noodles

1/3c rice milk

1 tub Tofutti It’s Better Than Cream Cheese

Shredded Cheese Substitute in Mozzerella(I used Daiya)

1/3 c Vegan Margarine

1/2 small onion Diced

2 cloves garlic-minced

1t Nutritional Yeast

1T Franks Red Hot

Salt and Pepper to taste.

For the topping:

2 pieces wheat bread

2T vegan margarine

1Tdried parsley


The directions are easy….

PreHeat the oven to 350

Cook the pasta and drain.

Melt the margarine, then saute the garlic and onion.  Once your onion is translucent and garlic is JUST fragrant, add the cream cheese

and milk.  Let meld together.  Throw in the Franks, and nutritional yeast.  Cook until it starts to bubble.  Now, throw in your pasta and stir to coat the noodles.  Throw in a handful of cheese and barely fold in.  Set your heat to low.

Now throw your bread, margarine and parsley in a food processor or blender and make your bread crumbs.

I put my pot straight into the oven from here, but if you want to transfer to a dish, transfer here….ok ya done making more dirty dishes?  Lets move on!

Sprinkle a small handful of cheese on top, followed by the bread crumbs.

Toss in the oven and cook until it bubbles.  About 20m.

Now turn your oven to a LOW broil and SET YOUR TIMER for 2 minutes (I tell you this because I don’t know how many things I’ve crispied under the broiler for lack of setting the timer) .  What you should pull out is a pretty, lightly toasted top with creamy scrumptious goodness below!

Well there you have it.  One day I’ll have a “meatloaf” to accompany this but right now, Mac n NotCheez that Rain doesn’t complain about is success in my book!

Until next brag….



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