Pinterest Projects with a Spin

Hi all….if you don’t know yet I am A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D addicted to Pinterest.  IT’s part of my morning routine, part of my bed routine, and sometimes just thrown in in the middle of the day somewhere.  My problem is I’ve pinned a whole lot and not done ANY!!!

One of my Improvement’s this year is just that…follow through.

Well, I actually started this Improvement at Christmas.  I told my self I would only purchase supplies for my next project AFTER I had completed the current project.  It was the best thing EVER!!  I did a bunch of home made Christmas this year, but it wasn’t overwhelming.  I worked on what I had, I didn’t try and multi task it and *gasp* things actually got done.  It was a revelation to me.  Anyway….one of the things I had on my “want to make” list was this calendar I had seen on Pinterest.  I blogged a little about it here.

I almost didn’t get to it, but I managed.  I made one for my mom, sister, and me 🙂  But I of course had to switch it up a bit.  I thought it would be cool to add birthdays to the cards.  That way, at one glance you can see what birthdays you have coming up during the month.  If you’re really cool you actually make and send out birthday cards.  (Another goal this year) I’m using this site.…they’re new, the quality is PHENOMENAL, and the cards are the cheapest around…not to mention they will stuff and send them for you too!

So lemme show you….

Aww cute-ah…. I’m a damask freak….and this was $1 at Target.  Ya can’t go wrong.

Here’s the view looking down…thought you could get a better feel for the calendar that way.

This is how you see your birthdays at a glance…those days mounted to a taller card…

ingenious right?

Just because I am trying to move away from multi-tasking doesn’t mean the calendar has to!  On my birthday cards I put the persons name and birth year on the front and thought I could make a journal of what I had bought them each year, because if you’re my mom or sister, you get the same thing every year because I forgot I gave it to you already!!!

Have I gotten you excited yet???  This is what you need:

a vessel…I prefer the Target dollar bins. cute stuff and its better quality than the ones I’ve found at the Dollar store.

200 4×6 lined notecards…cut in half…these I got at Target…$.84 vs $1 at the Dollar Store.  PS Dollar Store is not ALWAYS that great of value.  Just an FYI.

a stamp, or some nice writing

12 cards/postcards or other mementos you can cut down(my June marker is a post card my friendly Stacee sent to me!  I didn’t want to chuck it…this seemed like the perfectly functional way to preserve it!)

12 Month tags…(download link is below)

20 scrap papers cut to 5″x3″-you can cut more, but I just did a nice round number.

The rest is fairly self explanatory…date your cards JUST the DAY and the MONTH…leave the year blank.

Then assemble!

See the “one, two, three…” on the cute cards…that’s my surprise to you…I MADE those cards!  Because I love them so much and because I have gotten so many compliments on them, I uploaded them HERE for you because I LOVE YOU so much!!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mandy
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 15:33:44

    Super cute Ash! Love it!


  2. Molly Rees
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 18:30:55

    You’re the AWESOMEST!!!


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