Gingerbread Faceoff 2011

I know, ok.  I’m late.  Get over it.

I won’t bore you with all the Christmas jolly lala.  This will be a quick post.  What started out as a boredom buster a few Christmases ago has turned into an annual event.  We split into teams and decorate gingerbread houses, then post them on FaceBook and let our family and friends vote on the houses.  McDaddy and boys have won EVERY year.  So this year when he suggested a friendly wager, I told him no freakin way I was betting with him.  The odds are against me.

We did our face-off, but then we didn’t post it to FaceBook.  Is it too late to post ya think?  Regardless, I wanted to get it on the blog.

Rain and my interpretation of the UP! house.

The Boys' house

Because McD is SOOOOOOOOO humble, he named their house the “House of Champions”  Please someone help me take him down this year!!

I’d love to hear your votes!  Post your comments!

Until next brag!



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