Cookies For Dinner

I have developed a serious GRUSH (girl crush) on the author of Peas and Thank You.  It started out when I picked up the book on a whim.  Now, not only do I reference the cook book on a daily basis, I follow her blog, and now, I’m ashamed to admit; her Pinterest.     It’s kinda crazy really, but oh well, not trying to be a stalker Sarah, just really admire you.  I’ll keep it professional, I promise!

So, McDaddy is out of town and I wanted quick, easy, kid friendly food, so I made Falafel.  I’ll admit, when McDaddy travels, we tend to slide  into a diet rich in  “chicken” (tofu)nuggets, butter noodles, and mac and un-cheese.  (Told you I’m in that book alot).  What I noticed happening is that my Forces of Nature where imposing a natural disaster at the dinner table when McDaddy came home.  No longer where they the happy-go-lucky, eat-anything kids they had been….no, I created four little monsters that would give the short order cook at the greasy spoon a nervous breakdown.   I had to put on my big mama panties and have been trying to feed them more variety whether McD is at the table or not.  Tonight I made Falafel.  The funny thing about falafel is when you prepare it, you’re supposed to roll it in golf ball sized balls and cook.  If it’s round, it’s gonna end up on my floor.  So I got the idea to smash the balls down flat.  The boys thought they were cookies,hence “cookies for dinner” was born.  We feast with our eyes first, right?  my addendum to that is…”then with our ears”.  “Blood stuffed intestine bloat” could be strawberry cheese cake for all I know but I’ll take your word on it because ain’t no way something with THAT  name is going anywhere near my mouth….or nose for that matter.  If it has a fun name, you’ll choose it over a plain name, just because it sounds exciting.  Case in point, tonight.  Dinner cookies were a HIT.  I have served this meal before, and neither one of my budding food critics ate very much.  Proof positive that a rose by any other name is not always a rose.  I served them up as dippers because those kids will dip anything.  I added celery, cucumber sauce, half a pita bread and sweet potato puffs.  These, by the way, are quite possibly my new favorite food!  I think I’ll start using them like little doughnuts since the boys’ dietary restrictions do NOT allow us trips to Krispy Kreme.  Anyway, off subject.  Lesson learned today was: using fun names to get your kids to eat is not child abuse it is parent trickery in the most effective  form.

Allow me to show you…..

Hurricane in the background doing his best T-Rex impression


What you don't know is Hurricane just said "FartSnockers" which has Tornado in a FIT of giggles


until next brag….



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