Update on LaLa

After I blogged about LaLa being lost, Ocean woke up crying.  I snuggled him, walked around the house to show him it was, indeed, bed time, and tucked him back in….for three and a half minutes.  The search for LaLa continued.  Insert expletive filled late night here.

After repeating this “dance” for three hours I put him in bed with me.  The last time I had a non-nursing child in my bed was when Rain was just three and it was just she and I.  I was quickly reminded WHY I don’t allow children in my bed.  Co-sleeping should be reserved solely for consenting adults that understand elbowing someone in the face at three am is NOT acceptable co- sleep behavior.

This morning I tried to report a missing person.  Apparently  inanimate objects do not count as missing persons.  I think the fascist operator either doesn’t have children or takes great pleasure in slowly torturing mothers with little to no sleep.  Either way, I hung up crying tears of pure exhaustion.

I loaded the demons up and took everyone to church.  I thought perhaps if I placed us in God’s house He would provide us (me) with the miraculous unveiling of LaLa.  Sometimes God provides in mysterious ways….such as providing child care at church.  McD sent this pic-text to me while I was diligently praying for a miracle.

See God provides.

Thats a pure look of contentment right there!

Maybe you can see it, maybe not, but there were no words to explain the look of relief on Ocean’s face!  He’s so happy!  So am I!  I may actually get some sleep tonight….the no elbows to the face kind.

Until next brag….



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