LaLa’s Lost

My kids all have snuggies.

Rain…not so much.  Her snuggy was mama’s tata (can I say that?) But we had to fix that at the ripe old age of thirteen months.  In my defense…and my efforts to be super mom, I did reintroduce a snuggy in the form of a white unicorn Build A Bear named Pinky.  Maybe it was too hard, too cold or too non-living; or maybe because we tried to introduce said snuggy to a three year old; it never really took.

The other three have snuggies that they are FIERCELY attached to.  I have grandiose plans to display all these cute snuggies on a children’s rocking chair that was once McDaddy’s chair.  “Ma” is the proud owner of the chair.  I’m hoping to talk her out of it one day lest she dash all my hopes and (interior decor) dreams.  Anyway…my children are not cooperating.

Hurricane chews on his, making for a disgusting blue blanket reminiscent of Linus. If you happen to find this thing in public, I would recommend you gather it up with a ten foot pole, place it in a Haz-Mat bag and call me to take it off your hands.

Tornado has three.  Not three identicals…that would have been too smart of me.  No he has three separate snuggies.  Dog (we’re original) was his first snuggy, therein being his true snuggy.  I have tromped over to neighbors in the snow looking for Dog.  We’ve turned around and driven back 45 minutes for Dog.  I have spent many expletive filled evenings looking for that damned(see what I mean??) Dog.  DOG is currently on the ledge that will eventually serve as his final resting spot; having been thrown up there in an especially rigorous game of “toss-up”.  I think he’s found his permanent home a little earlier than planned.  Snuggy number two was a yellow minky blanket my Grandma made for him.  He got it around a year old and took a liking to it.  The Nemo silky is coming unsewn and you can poke your toe through the corner of “B” but at least I can find it every night.  The last snuggy for him is “TorMaydo” an aptly named Build A Bear dog that used to have a voice box of McDaddy singing his night night song.  The voice box no longer works (darn) and Golden Boy tends to have it more than Tornado but it’s easier to find than DOG, on account of it being three times the size of DOG.

Onto Golden Boy….GB has Lion.  (I told you we were really creative with names around here).  Lion is a beany baby type lion McDaddy picked up  last Christmas.  Lion was chosen because when GB was born, the first time McDaddy held him, GB looked at him and gave him the biggest lion yawn.  After that the hunt was on for a smallish snuggy in the form of a lion.  GB took to lion IMMEDIATELY and as he has begun testing out his vocal talents, Lion has become LaLa.  We tried this Christmas to “upgrade” LaLa with a B-A-B but it hasn’t taken.  So for now we have LaLa.

But… LaLa’s lost.

I know Ocean had him this morning around 10.  But I haven’t seen him since.  I’ve looked: in the garbage, in the dryer, in the dirty clothes bins.  Under the beds, behind the couches, under the cushions.  I’ve looked in the pantry, all through the cupboards and pulled out all the learning centers in the school corner…TWICE.  I’ve looked downstairs, up on top of the decorative ledges, behind the TV and under the armoire.  That damned thing is GONE!  It’s been a long day and by the sounds of it, I’m in for a LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGG night too.  IF that thing doesn’t show up by morning I’m calling in an Amber Alert.

So let’s hear it.  What are your snuggy stories?   What does the future hold for  snuggy after it has snugged it’s purpose?

Until next brag…..




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