Book Recommendation and a Name Change

I’ll admit…the first bit of real Christmas Shopping I’ve done this year was Sunday with DH.  I’m the girl that stays up all  night and does Black Friday because it’s fun.  I’ll admit I didn’t even look at the ads this year.  There was just nothing that really stood out to me this year.  Perhaps it’s because I really tried to be resourceful this year.  Or maybe it was because there was just nothing that great.  Whatever the case…we went out on Sunday.

We headed to Target for stocking stuffers and other random items.  I usually like to get the kids each a book and then a Christmas book for the family to read on the 24th.  AS I’m perusing the books, I stumble across this:

I had to screenshot it b/c Amazon wouldn’t let me copy paste.  But anyway the book is called If I Could Keep You Little.  Sniffle sniffle BBBBBAAAAAWWWWWLLLLLL right there in the middle of Target.  DH is staring at me in unadultured horror mixed with a wee bit of pity and a shot of amusement. “WE HAVE TO GET THIS BOOK FOR GOLDEN BOY.”  I whisper as I’m trying to compose myself lest the lady next to me burst into a fit of giggles.
Its a book about the age old wish all parents have when their kids are being angels; I wish I could just keep you little.  But then it says all the things we would miss if our wish was granted.
ie… “If I could keep you little, I’d keep you close to me but then I’d miss you growing into who you were meant to be.”
Are your eyes moist yet?
Needless to say this treasure is under the tree to be opened Christmas morning by my darling little Golden Boy.  aka Ocean.
On another note….
I was reviewing my posts the other day.  Everybody has a nickname.  EVERYONE.  Everyone, that is except my husband.  Now, I’m sure he doesn’t even think about it, but I do.  It’s like when someone names their dog DOG or cat CAT.  It’s like the child in the family that doesn’t get a middle name when everyone else has one….you always wonder why you weren’t important enough to elicit two names.  Which is a whole other therapy session.  But anyway….poor DH has never been anything on here but DH.  so I decided to rename him:  from here on out DH will be known as…drum roll please….McDaddy!!  (not to be confused with Mack Daddy giggle giggle)
So there you have it…new reads to cry at and new names to laugh at!
Have a great day!
Until next brag…

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