Last Minute Thanksgiving Decor

I have a confession to make….my Halloween stuff is still up.  I had good intentions…really I did.  BUT the bottom line is…well, I didn’t make it there.  I comforted myself with “well, no one will really see.  It’s not like your hosting this year”  truth is, we are staying at home this year, hiding like hermit crabs….feasting on Dungeness Crab bwahahahahah!

My cop out worked until my niece commented last weekend that I still had Halloween stuff up.  Damned you kids and your innocent honesty!!  So I got to work…I made a subway art for our (bare) table of a typical Thanksgiving menu.  It turned out so cute I wanted to share with you all!  You can print it out all the way up to a 16×20.  In case you need to fill THAT much space on your table.

Now I have to tell you, my original menu had Crab on it (cuz we don’t eat turkey) and Galushky’s…and if you know what those are, you get extra brownie points.  Anyway, here is the link…hope you enjoy!

Click here to download

If you’re unfamiliar with printing subway art…you simply send it to your favorite photo print shop…for the big ones I use Sam’s Club.  If you just want it on plain paper, you can print from home on cardstock, or download to your thumbdrive and take it into Staples or Office Max.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next brag…



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