Randomly Obscure Holidays and a Veggie Stock Recipe

If you follow me in any sort of way, you will know that I am OBSESSIVELY stalking a particular blog.  While I typically enjoy perusing various blogs with my morning cuppa, I get this blog sent straight to my inbox.

Yesterday morning, I found this little gem peaking at me from my inbox.  I have to admit, I was curious.  After all, we are a household of pickle eaters.  As diligently as I pursue a good cup of coffee, my children pursue pickles.  Dill of course, no icky sweet pickles here.

I quickly derailed from the dinner on the meal planner and threw this one in instead.  I announced to my children that it was National Pickle Day and in honor of said obscure holiday we were going to have a special pickle soup dinner.  I was met with questions immediately.  Where we going to have Pickle to dinner? (Our Elf on the Shelf’s name is Pickle…did I mention we were obsessed) What do you do on pickle day?  Lastly, pickle SOUP??!!  (This coming from children that eat pickle and cheese wraps regularly for lunch…don’t ask)

I patted them on their worried little heads, sent them outside with a pickle and set to work.

I have been wanting to try a veggie broth for a while now, today was the perfect day because as it turned out I was out of broth…and stock.  SO I cleaned out the fridge….really.

I threw in:

1 Carrot

a few celery stalks- the ones you only use for bloody marys…you know?  With the leaves on them?

Romaine and Spinach that was wilting

A stalk of Kale

Some cabbage

a handful of mushrooms

handful of red peppers

and leftover fajita veggies I had already cooked but were limply sitting in a bowl in the fridge.

After I emptied out the fridge, I added:

4 bay leaves

a sprinkle around the pot of each of the following:

sea salt





garlic powder


I just barely covered the veggies and spices with water, put the lid on and heated the stock for 5 minutes on high.  I then turned it down to a low and let cook together for a few hours.  You’ll know when it’s time because your whole house will smell divine.  At that point I strained the broth through a strainer.  I ended up with 4c….exactly what the recipe called for.

Once the little darlings (demons yesterday) went to nap, I giddily pulled up the Peas recipea for Pickle Soup and went to town.    Using my homemade broth and her genius.  I made a soup that my DH would cringe at; he does NOT share our love of pickles.

I couldnt wait til 530! (DH is out of town…I’m not that mean!)

My pensive little ones got up in their chairs and looked worriedly at one another as I set their bowls before them.  I reminded them of our rule; you don’t have to like it, but you DO have to try it.  In my defense I did have a backup plan in the form of a fresh loaf of nine grain bread from Kneaders.  But I said an extra silent prayer during grace it went something like “Pray they like their soup the ingrateful brats!  I’ve been slaving all day on it!”

I sat motionless as they took their first bites and breathed a sigh of relief as they’re skeptical faces turned to sheer joy and pleasure at their first taste of Pickle Soup.  I tell you those kids may have a future in food criticism….they can make the most experienced, confident chef quiver with unsure self-consciousness.

And that my dears is how you celebrate a random food holiday.

Thank you Sarah at Peas and Thank You for bringing such a holiday to light with such a fun recipea!

Until next brag…..


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mama Pea
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 14:46:30

    Oh hooray! I was worried as I read about them taking their first bites…but I’m relieved you all loved Pickle Soup as much as we did!

    Have a great day!


    • Ashleigh
      Nov 16, 2011 @ 17:26:09

      They loved it! What’s to fear…. They drink pickle juice from the bottle! Thanks again for your inspiration!


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