Last Minute Thanksgiving Decor

I have a confession to make….my Halloween stuff is still up.  I had good intentions…really I did.  BUT the bottom line is…well, I didn’t make it there.  I comforted myself with “well, no one will really see.  It’s not like your hosting this year”  truth is, we are staying at home this year, hiding like hermit crabs….feasting on Dungeness Crab bwahahahahah!

My cop out worked until my niece commented last weekend that I still had Halloween stuff up.  Damned you kids and your innocent honesty!!  So I got to work…I made a subway art for our (bare) table of a typical Thanksgiving menu.  It turned out so cute I wanted to share with you all!  You can print it out all the way up to a 16×20.  In case you need to fill THAT much space on your table.

Now I have to tell you, my original menu had Crab on it (cuz we don’t eat turkey) and Galushky’s…and if you know what those are, you get extra brownie points.  Anyway, here is the link…hope you enjoy!

Click here to download

If you’re unfamiliar with printing subway art…you simply send it to your favorite photo print shop…for the big ones I use Sam’s Club.  If you just want it on plain paper, you can print from home on cardstock, or download to your thumbdrive and take it into Staples or Office Max.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next brag…



Convenience is Back

I’ve been having computer issues lately. I work ON THE COMPUTER. I can’t have “issues”.
My battery died a while ago. It really doesn’t make sense to have a laptop when your tethered to the wall with it. These two items have been my excuse to get out of working. Or perhaps my poorly disguised way of guilting DH into buying me a new laptop. Whatever the case, the only one losing out here is me.
I finally broke down and ordered a new battery. It came yesterday.
This is me at 6:23 am this morning….

Now go away, I’m going to enjoy guilty pleasure number 2… Working from bed!
Until next brag….


Randomly Obscure Holidays and a Veggie Stock Recipe

If you follow me in any sort of way, you will know that I am OBSESSIVELY stalking a particular blog.  While I typically enjoy perusing various blogs with my morning cuppa, I get this blog sent straight to my inbox.

Yesterday morning, I found this little gem peaking at me from my inbox.  I have to admit, I was curious.  After all, we are a household of pickle eaters.  As diligently as I pursue a good cup of coffee, my children pursue pickles.  Dill of course, no icky sweet pickles here.

I quickly derailed from the dinner on the meal planner and threw this one in instead.  I announced to my children that it was National Pickle Day and in honor of said obscure holiday we were going to have a special pickle soup dinner.  I was met with questions immediately.  Where we going to have Pickle to dinner? (Our Elf on the Shelf’s name is Pickle…did I mention we were obsessed) What do you do on pickle day?  Lastly, pickle SOUP??!!  (This coming from children that eat pickle and cheese wraps regularly for lunch…don’t ask)

I patted them on their worried little heads, sent them outside with a pickle and set to work.

I have been wanting to try a veggie broth for a while now, today was the perfect day because as it turned out I was out of broth…and stock.  SO I cleaned out the fridge….really.

I threw in:

1 Carrot

a few celery stalks- the ones you only use for bloody marys…you know?  With the leaves on them?

Romaine and Spinach that was wilting

A stalk of Kale

Some cabbage

a handful of mushrooms

handful of red peppers

and leftover fajita veggies I had already cooked but were limply sitting in a bowl in the fridge.

After I emptied out the fridge, I added:

4 bay leaves

a sprinkle around the pot of each of the following:

sea salt





garlic powder


I just barely covered the veggies and spices with water, put the lid on and heated the stock for 5 minutes on high.  I then turned it down to a low and let cook together for a few hours.  You’ll know when it’s time because your whole house will smell divine.  At that point I strained the broth through a strainer.  I ended up with 4c….exactly what the recipe called for.

Once the little darlings (demons yesterday) went to nap, I giddily pulled up the Peas recipea for Pickle Soup and went to town.    Using my homemade broth and her genius.  I made a soup that my DH would cringe at; he does NOT share our love of pickles.

I couldnt wait til 530! (DH is out of town…I’m not that mean!)

My pensive little ones got up in their chairs and looked worriedly at one another as I set their bowls before them.  I reminded them of our rule; you don’t have to like it, but you DO have to try it.  In my defense I did have a backup plan in the form of a fresh loaf of nine grain bread from Kneaders.  But I said an extra silent prayer during grace it went something like “Pray they like their soup the ingrateful brats!  I’ve been slaving all day on it!”

I sat motionless as they took their first bites and breathed a sigh of relief as they’re skeptical faces turned to sheer joy and pleasure at their first taste of Pickle Soup.  I tell you those kids may have a future in food criticism….they can make the most experienced, confident chef quiver with unsure self-consciousness.

And that my dears is how you celebrate a random food holiday.

Thank you Sarah at Peas and Thank You for bringing such a holiday to light with such a fun recipea!

Until next brag…..