Delish Dessert Ashleigh Style

We’re veg.  It all started a few years ago with a Beth Moore study.  What began with a six week experiment that had me counting down the hours til I got to enjoy a big fat juicy burger; became a permanent thing.  That was three years ago.  I didn’t want to force my newfound food freedom on my family so I did continue preparing meaty meals when my DH was home.  A year and a half ago, DH decided he was going to try my new diet as a way to drop a few before a family vacation…that was eighteen months ago.

A couple months ago my DH approached me with his “discontent” shall we say with our limited repertoire for family dinner.  It set me on a search.  I picked up a FANTABULOUS cookbook called “Peas and Thank You” it is my new bible.  I love her because she’s hilarious, first off, secondly she’s raising a family and she understands my kids are not going to be excited about Indian Rice and Lentil Pilaf with steamed Leeks.  Lets face it, IM not excited about Indian Rice and Lentil Pilaf with Steamed Leeks! Anyway, I’ve cooked the entire book.  No I haven’t seasoned the book and served it up, but every danged recipe in it has graced our dinner table.  And they are great.  And they have my notes.  The book is well worn.  I’m looking into laminating it (heehee) and rebinding it because it’s falling apart.

In the meantime, myself and my passion for cooking have been reunited.  And I’m all out of recipes to try.  So I graduated to the next logical step…take all my old favorites and twist them into something we can eat again!

Anyway, as any vegetarian will tell you, it becomes a journey.  I have explored a few levels of vegetarianism, including Pescetarian (fish eating), lacto-ovo (egg and cheese consuming), and vegan, with a few bouts of raw thrown in for good measure.  I have settled in the middle of the road with “veganish”.  While I haven’t completely sworn off the dairy, I have significantly cut it down…except that 1/2 carton of sea salt caramel and truffle ice cream I ate last night….so I make this claim because while I’m going to do my best to be mostly vegan, I wouldn’t qualify my recipes as FULLY VEGAN.  So no mean comments about how honey is an animal product blah blah blah!

Tonight I tried Berry Cobbler.  It’s an easy fix, but man o man it was DELISH!

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IS your mouth watering yet?

Here’s the recipe….

You need:

2c Cobbler Mix (see recipe at the bottom)

1/2c smashed shortbread cookies (or nilla wafers) OR 1/2c smashed up True North Nut clusters…another good (vegan) selection at Sams Club.  I love these things!!!!

4T cold vegan margarine (Earth Balance comes in a stick…I love it!)

3c Frozen berries (Sams club has an awesome Triple Berry Mix that I used)

1/4c Wheat flour

1/4C sugar

Orange Zest…about 1/4 of the orange.

1/3 c Rice milk with about 1/2t vinegar to make it “buttermilk”

Ok….now what?

Preheat the oven to 400F

grease an 8×8 pan

combine the flour and sugar with orange zest.  Toss the fruit to coat.  Set that in your greased pan

cut the Margarine into the cobbler mix and mix with your cookies or clusters.  Add “buttermilk” and just mix til all is combined.

Add generously to the top of the fruit

Bake for 30M.

Easy right?

Yummy is more like it!


Cobbler Mix

1pkg Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix…you know, the dry stuff?

1 box Betty Crocker Butter cake.

Mix.  Pretty easy right?

So as you can see, this isn’t TOTALLY vegan.  I know there are hidden animal products in the cake and cookie mixes as well as the cookies.  Like I said, not totally vegan…get over it.  But I am saving the dairy where I can….so I won’t feel bad about polishing off the rest of that carton of ice cream I started last night….just kidding!!

Until next brag….


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  1. Mama Pea
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 03:23:42

    I am so touched. You and I are kindred spirits–my girlfriends and I are doing a Beth Moore study right now 😉 I’m so glad you are enjoying the book!


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