Diversity Means….

I hate when I have the best of intentions at something and I get behind.  Case in point, school.  We’re in week 4 and you havent heard hem or hair from me since week one.  Yeah I suck.  In my defense, my laptop battery officially died…read about it here.  And so my laptop is now tethered to the wall.  That kind of defeats the purpose of a LAPTOP dont you think?  Anyway…more on that saga at a later post.  Lets talk about Rain.

I have one girl.  One whole daughter if you know me, there was this one little time for about four months when I thought I was going to be blessed with two but well….I have O.N.E.  I’m a girly girl-to the hilt girly girl.  So at the expense of sounding like those moms on the toddler beauty pageant shows, I will tell you I want(ed) with every bone in my body to have a little girl follow in my 5 inch high heeled shoes.  What I got was a goalie owning soccer playing hockey checking skull t-shirt wearing Rain.  It’s taken me a while to get used to, but I am slowly embracing this.  On the upside the skull shirt is glittery.

SO, A few weeks ago my beautiful girl came home with a Reflections packet.  She explained she wanted to participate because the theme intrigued her.    She wanted to do this project because she wanted to show that Diversity means Being Yourself. Diversity means….that beautiful smart child of mine has figured out; at 11 years old that embracing her differences is the key to her success.  She has been thus rewarded.  Her entry has been moved onto district.  I’m so proud of her!

Just another proof positive that she does have her head on straight!

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Look at that smile!!!

Until next brag….


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