A shout out to Apple

I have a MacBook.
I’m kind of a snob about it. Kind of like I’m a snob about my coffee, my chocolate and my food. As my DH will tell you, I appreciate the “finer” things in life,as is evidenced by their pricetags.

The problem with wanting to partake in the “finer” things on a Dave- Ramsey- single-income-family-budget is that I find the constant need to justify my expenditures, therein my expensive taste.  This weekend has been a testimony to my “right” decision.

We’ve established I have a MacBook…and an iPhone…and an iPod touch.  DH owns an iPhone, iPod, iPad.  Guess it’s safe to say we are steeped in the apple flavored kool-aid.

I purchased my MacBook from my dad…how I came into it is another post.  Suffice it to say I paid a FRACTION of the price new.  I’m a sucker for a deal, so this was equivalent to the angels descending upon me with heavenly voices and ethereal sounds of harps.  I have loved my Mac but recently have been disappointed.  Things had slowed down significantly, and I was having internet issues.  Then the battery died….leaving me chained to the wall.  Like watching the aging of a family pet, eventually it becomes a reality that you will need to put the beloved pet down for the humanity of the fur baby and your sanity it’s the humane thing to do.  I was trying to come to grips with that feeling with my Mac.   As a last ditch attempt we took my tech-baby into the Apple store.  (I’ll admit here,  that this was for selfish reasons too, I was certain I could speak to my DH’s tech saviness enough to pull a new laptop out of the visit).  Three days and three visits later I have a renewed happy Mac.

Turns out I had about ZILCHO RAM.  After that small tweak, I have my lightning fast Mac back.  But while tech-baby was in the “hospital” they replaced my cover, keyboard housing and trackpad (covered under extended warranty) updated a bunch of stuff, cleaned out my cache, and showed me some tricks next time something like this happens.  Ask me how much they charged me???  ZILCHO!  Kinda like the amount of RAM I had.

They troubleshot it, fixed it, updated it, and did it all out of the kindness of their hearts.  Then referred me elsewhere to pic up my RAM sticks just incase I needed instant gratification of lightning fast speeds (I did).  They didnt make a penny from me this weekend, but they did make a customer for life.  It is the customer service.  It is doing whats right.  It’s taking the time to deal with this blonde sometimes clueless chick, her three crazy children…three times in a 72 hour period, and not batting an eye.

I’m still chained to the wall…But it’s not Apples fault.  The battery is only supposed to have a 300 charge life…mine charged 598 times.  Another testament to the stellar product,no?  Secretly I’m hoping to find a Mac battery at a yardsale but because you and I both know THAT won’t happen I’ll eventually have to break down and get a new battery.  As for now, I’ll be making love to the wall…but I’ll be doing it at lightning fast speeds.

This is Mac.  I will spend the money up front to guarantee the the continuation of the service I’ve received up to this point.

As we deal with the ending of an era with Mr Jobs handing over the reigns of his empire and subsequently his passing this evening (this post was in process before the sad news) I am afraid most of all that Apple will lose sight of his vision.  This is my shout out to Apple….don’t CHANGE !!! You are PERFECT just the way you are.

Cue the Christina Aguilara “You are beautiful”

Until next brag…..


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