Finger Paints and well finger paints

Day two on the crazy train finished up the week of classroom instruction.  Remember my notes from Monday?  Well they didn’t change much.  Maybe a little.  We had another whirlwind day.  And we had a lot more to accomplish today.  ALOT more.

The morning started off with Willy Wily Weather bear throwing an angry temper tantrum and ripping his skateboard in half.  Then to make matters worse he didn’t want to wear the weather appropriate muscle shirt to school he wanted the rain coat instead. In his hasty attempt to undress himself he ripped his ear off.  Then Key Kong came along and took his foot off.  Needless to say Willy the Weather Bear is not in very good shape.  He was the one thing I didn’t laminate…because I had put velcro on him before I hit my” lets laminate everything” phase.

Table time passed uneventfully(which really means they were bored out of their little minds)    As we quietly CLEANLY colored “b” books to go in the lapbook I could see their little eyes beginning to roll back in their sweet wet puppy dog smelling heads.  I decided we needed to kick it up a notch.  So I pulled out the poster paints, and shirts I think (HOPE) were in daddy’s goodwill pile and we set about becoming Jr Monet’s.  Ahhhh what messy fun.

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See those smiles!

Snacktime brought unexpected pleasures as they headed out side and camped at the neighbors house.  I would too, he has an old school fire engine parked at the curb.  No, he’s not 60 and this is not his hobby project.  The truck is fully restored and he’s younger than I am… and an insurance agent.  Turns out this is his “commuter car” because his is in the shop for the next few days.  Oh well, guess he’s putting out danger zones of a different kind.  Hope he doesn’t stop at the drive thru on the way to work.  (T and S you know I love you guys and hope you don’t care that I raz you like that!)

Tell me just HOW I go about reeling in two boys after a sight like that?  With sharp objects and glue.  That’s how.  We worked on phone numbers and addresses today.  Because it’s part of the Lapbook this month, they got to cut and color and glue shapes and numbers all over the pages.  It was a success.

As for Key Kong, well destructo boy was locked in his chair with food.  Kid was happy.  Especially when we added a little green smoothie to the mix.  Oh yeah sticky-potamus needs a bath now.  Did you see those pics in the slideshow.  No he’s not the favorite, he’s the only one that sat still long enough to get some cute pics.

That’s it for today.

What I learned this week is that I apparently am edgy on school days and I think they feed off it…especially Tornado.  What I also learned is not to push it.  They are learning even through play….ESPECIALLY through play.  This is the method I wanted was hands on.  Yeah we have stuff to cover but it’s through play that it will stick best.  With Tornado, he doesn’t have anything he HAS to complete.  IT’s all for fun.  If he wants to participate he can.  If not, fine.  With Hurricane, he’s good.  Let him play, just make it directive play.  He’s retaining.  That’s important.  Slow down breathe in chill out!  IT’s all good.

Thats all she wrote folks.

Oh but I want to share a little funny with you.

My mom came over.  We were visiting the boys were outside playing…unattended.  (There’s a firetruck out side for heavens sake, who’s gonna steal a little kid with a fireman nearby…really?)

Hurricane decided to play driving range….with daddy’s lucky Margaritaville ball I bought him on a layover to (duh) Margaritaville. You know where this story is going don’t you?  Well SHHH! and let me tell it!!  He hit the neighbors house.  Across the street. THREE TIMES. First the garage.  Then the brick, and finally the window.  Yes.  She handed THREE balls back to me.  <sigh>  I tell DH what *his* son has done and his first words are…”nice shot”.

and So when my child wins his first Masters I really hope he remembers to thank the patient neighbors across the street for putting up with him using their house as target practice.

No pics here because that would have encouraged the little shit and he does NOT need encouragement!



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  1. Lesa
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 22:53:22

    This is my new tradition, to read your funny blogs, you sure have a way with words. Glad the Zaneymeister isn’t in too much trouble!!


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