First Day of (home)School! The Fun Begins


By now, most of you have gone through the headache of Back to School.  Second only to Black Friday, this time of year make some want to chase their morning coffee with shots of tequila. While others are so excited with the anticipation of a fresh new start they are pee their pants just a little each time they see a new box of crayons.

After the crazy that is back to school shopping, you carefully set out “first day” outfits (before they get torn in the bike tire) packed “first day” lunches (thats the best one you’re gonna get kids so enjoy EVERY bite) prepared “first day” breakfast (see previous parenthesis) then taken gorgeous professional quality pics (hurry up kids!  Sit down SMILE! hurry you’re gonna be late!!!) Then you’ve sent them all with loving hugs and sweet kisses off to enjoy their first day of school (ahem prison).  Then you have shut the door with glee and smuggled a grin as you sit down and wonder what you’re going to do with the next seven hours of freedom.

You my friend are a mom.  You are normal in every way.  But you’re not crazy.

Crazy is well ME.

Back to school shopping is perusing the Target dollar aisles for workbooks, stickers, dry erase markers and board, flash cards, fake money,books, magnets, clocks, puzzles.  What ever I can find that will work in the classroom.

Preparing for the first day Back; for me; means poring for hours over curriculum, blogs and other sites looking for the perfect lesson plans.  It means making circle time boards, laminating everything in sight (no really, I laminated Captains tail last night) and becoming best friends with my library as I find just the right books to  go with our theme.

I homeschool.

This is something I’ve had a strong attachment to since Rain was a toddler.   Suffice it to say we were only able to hs her briefly while in Colorado.  So I’ve been looking forward to this day with great anticipation for sometime!  The day has finally come!

Today was the first day of our little McMunchkins Montessori and two and a half hours taught me alot.  So let me share!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have hemmed and hawed and worried and fretted over this day.  I’ve told myself based on past experience with Rain’s hs, not to book myself too thin but I think I still did it.  We were really structured and I don’t know that I will continue doing that.  But we did have a lot of hands on.

Things I thought before starting:

Hurricane is going to need alot of one on one with pre reading skills.

Tornado will bypass him quickly

Hurricane will need a lot of hands on active stuff, he is a Kinethetic Learner

Tornado will be fine to do independent work

H will  hate it

T will love it

We will have plenty of time to complete everything on the list.

Things I think after today:

Hurricane has been holding back and he has retained more than I thought he had

Tornado doesn’t care

H and T need a lot of hands on learning

H loves it

T hates it

We did NOT have plenty of time, we were going at breakneck speed the entire time!  With the exception of craft which took about ten minutes, so we just played moon sand the rest of craft time.

Our theme this month is All About Me

We had a shape, letter, color, and number attached to this week.  So I will take table time and tub time to work on those.

Crafts are mini step crafts that will eventually result in the completion of a lapbook for “All about me”.

I am still deciding whether I should publish our lesson plans or if any of you really care haha!

Anyway, enjoy the slide show.

We had fun!


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  1. Lesa
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 21:34:45

    Very cute. I hope they enjoyed it. You are amazing


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