My Beautiful Ocean’s Birth Story

Dear sweet boy.  This is a story about a child and his birth.

May 21 one year ago, daddy had gotten in at a decent time.  We decided to go as a family and play around at Home Depot.  Sad to say, we do that sometimes 🙂  We went to Training Table for dinner, and really had a great time just the five of us.  I remember thinking at that time…it won’t be too long before our five will be six.

That night, at about 1145 I woke up thinking either I had just experienced the single most embarrasing thing of my adult life cuz I’d wet the bed, OR my water had broke.  After contemplating for a few minutes, I text Briana; our midwife.  She called right away.  She’d determinded that my water had indeed broken.  I woke Daddy up and told him.  Then sent him back to bed.

I had no idea what to expect.  My water’d never broken before.  This was a new experience.  Things started to get intense and I was walking and pacing and laboring.  I got dad up around 1 and Briana came around 230.  The midwives got set up and when things were at a quiet moment, you and I got into the warm pool.  We stayed there and labored.  Around 530, you told me it was time.   You and I began the work of getting you into the world.  We worked you down down down.  After three pushes, your head was birthed, then quickly after, the rest of you came.  I reached down into the water and pulled you to my chest and held you tight.

at 550am Saturday morning May 22, my darling sweet boy was born.  Dear sweet Ocean, you are my little golden boy.  You were our unexpected surprise, but from the moment we found out about you you have been vastly different from your siblings.  Your pregnancy was great, birth even better.  Every experience surrounding you has been different.  You are a quiet calm.  You make everyone in the house smile,  we each hold you dear, and we take our turns being your protectors.  Sweet boy… I sing you a song everynight…you are my sunshine.  Dear child you are a ray of sunshine to every life you touch.

That my dear is your birth story.  There is only one time each year I will share this story with you and it will be an the anniversary of your birth at the time you were born.  One day you’ll tease me, one day you’ll roll your eyes, but one day far from now, you’ll look back and remember your silly sentimental mom did this for me.

I love you dear boy.  Thank you for choosing me.

Happy 1st birthday.


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